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laris xiaomi roidmi car air purifier cadr filter silent mode oled display - purifier

laris xiaomi roidmi car air purifier cadr filter silent mode oled display - purifier
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Xiaomi ROIDMI Car Air Purifier CADR Filter Silent Mode Bluetooth V4.1 OLED Display
100% Original Xiaomi
Opsi Purifier : ini sudah termasuk filternya 1 unit
Opsi tambahan filter: ini termasuk 1 purifier (sudah ada filter) dan extra 1 unit filternya
Untuk extra filter bisa klik sini
Beli Xiaomi RoidMi Car Air Purifier P8 filter Formaldehyde Removale
Large air volume, removing aldehyde, odor, anti-mite, and antibacterial.
OLED display, laser particle sensor.
Full-effect composite filter.
Centrifugal turbine fan, stronger power, greater wind power.
Three sides of the circulation into the wind, increase the area of the air inlet, improve the purification efficiency.
The straps are fixedly placed on the headrests of the rear seats and are not afraid of bumpy road sections.
Low noise design, 35.8dB in silent mode.
APP intelligent control, real-time viewing of air quality changes in the car, adjusting for their own work mode, more intimate reminder function.
General Brand: ROIDMI
Bluetooth Version: Bluetooth V4.1
Material: ABS
Working Voltage: 12V
Dimension & Weight
Package Weight: 1.5800 kg
Product Size (L x W x H): 38.00 x 11.80 x 11.80 cm
Package Size (L x W x H): 40.00 x 14.00 x 14.00 cm
Package Contents
Opsi Purifier:
1 x Air Purifier
1 x Filter
1 x Stand
1 x Car Charger
Jika Opsi Tambahan Filter berarti filter extra 1
Harga: Rp 3.836.000
Lokasi: Jakarta Barat