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wharfedale wla-210x dual 10inch passive line array system

wharfedale wla-210x dual 10inch passive line array system

The WLA-210X line array system keeps the same design philosophies as the acclaimed WLA-25 and WLA-28 systems from Wharfedale Pro. Portable, powerful and versatile line array solutions which are ideal for both touring and fixed installation
WLA-210X element uses a pair of custom 10 Wharfedale Pro high- power low-frequency drivers, while the high frequencies are handled by a premium 3.0 titanium diaphragm, neodymium magnet compression driver coupled to a 100 x 10
waveguide exit extends nearly to the top and bottom of the enclosure to create a continuous acoustical source - resulting in greatly reduced destructive interaction within the
WLA-210X element also features Passive and Bi-amp modes which allows for complete system control. The bi-amp feature enables the system designer to select the best amplification for each driver component within the array. Such control, when used with external signal processing such as the Wharfedale Pro Versadrive series, gives the engineer the ultimate in system fine tuning. This, in turn, leads to the best audio output.
Premium materials are used throughout the system. The enclosure is constructed of Baltic birch plywood and is coated in a premium and durable Rhino Rock paint. To keep the weight to a minimum and prevent rust, suspension fittings are made of
elegantly simple 3-point suspension system combined with light weight, compact size and excellent handling ergonomics mean that an array can easily be deployed. With the WLA-210X Common Fly frame, systems can be configured as flying or ground stacked in multiple combinations.
2 x 10" LF drivers
3" Neodymium HF compression driver
138dB Max SPL
15mm / 18mm Birch plywood construction
Integral, side plate adjustable rigging system
100 x 10 dispersion
180w programme HF
1600w programme LF
16 impedance

Harga: Rp 16.100.000
Lokasi: Jakarta Utara