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Paket Sound Karaoke Jbl Rm 10 Original 10 Inch - Dvd Nakamichi

Paket Sound Karaoke Jbl Rm 10 Original 10 Inch - Dvd Nakamichi
Rp 34.650.000 Terjual 5

Lokasi: Indonesia;DKI Jakarta;Jakarta Barat
Paket Sound Karaoke JBL RM 10 ORIGINAL 10 inch - DVD Nakamichi
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1 Amplifier Karaoke JBL RMA 220
1 set speaker JBL RM10 (10 inch)
1 Subwoofer JBL 260P (12 inch)
1 Set Mic Wireless Ashley AXT200
1 DVD Nakamichi NKX-45 HDD (2TB)
1 Touchscreen Nakamichi NTC-215 (21 inch)
1 Set Bracket Speaker BMB 818
1 roll kabel speaker 2x80 30M
Hardisk 2TB sudah Isi Lagu
Speaker JBL RM10
50- To 400-Watt Power Rating (175-Watt Maximum Recommended Amplifier Power)
8 Ohms Impedance
Dual 3-Inch Cone Tweeters With High-Temperature Voice Coil
10-Inch Woofer With High-Temperature Voice Coil
1.7KHzCrossover Frequency
40Hz-20KHz(-3 dB) Frequency Response
Protection Circuitry Prevents Blown Tweeters
Straight-LineSignal Path (SSP) With Left And Right High-Frequency Room-Adaptive Trim Controls
Mounting Holes
Additional Specifications
Low Diffraction,IsoPowerBaffle
DualFreeFlowFlared Ports
Gold-plated, 5-Way Binding Posts
Metal Speaker Grilles
Dimensional Specifications
29.7 Lbs.
13.19"H x 20.88"W x 9.63"D
Amplifier JBL RMA-220A
Maximum Output: 200W + 200W Total
harmonic distortion: 1KHz,8&,50W 0.03%
Input sensitivity/Impedance: MIC 6mV/3.3K&DVD,TAPE,AUX 300mV/47K& BGM 300mV/47K&
Output level/Impedance: PRE OUT 2.2V/2.2K& SUB OUT 2.2V/2.2K& REC OUT 300mV/2.2K& MUSIC OUT 2.2V/2.2K&
Frequency response: MIC 2020KHz, 3dB MUSIC 2020KHz, 3dB
Key control range: Music 11 steps, 5 tones Video
input jack: Level/Impedance 1Vp-p/75&
Power Supply Others: Supply voltage 220V240V50/60Hz
Power consumption(RMA220): 650W
Dimension(W x H x D): 420x138x430MM
Subwoofer JBL SUB 260 P Original 12 inch
JBL Studio 2 Series 12 Powered Subwoofer Studio SUB 260P
12", PolyPlas woofer delivers deep, low bass
Powerful 300-Watt, Class-D amplifier
Rear-firing Slipstream bass port for accurate, low-distortion bass
Rear mounted controls for a clean look; Visually Striking Design
12 PolyPlas Low-Frequency Transducer for Tight, Extended Bass Response
Imagine flawless JBL sound in your ears with bass so tight that every note is held to its proper duration and all the right harmonic overtones, then listen to the Studio SUB 260Ps 12 PolyPlas transducer. You won't hear a difference between your imagination and reality.
Easy Set-up and System Integration
Not only is the SUB 260Ps 300-watt amplifier a powerhouse in the realm of home entertainment, but it is also one of the smartest. Its Class-D energy rating allows the amplifier to cool itself naturally saving it from danger of burnout and saving you from a higher electric bill. Its rear-mounted inputs and controls allow for discrete, easy set-up and integration with other loudspeakers in the Studio 2 Series.
Type: Studio 2 Series 12 Powered Subwoofer
12" (300 mm) PolyPlas low-frequency transducer
Braced enclosure with Slipstream rear-firing bass port
Frequency response: 29Hz 150Hz
300W RMS built-in amplifier
600W peak dynamic power
Line-level and LFE inputs
Continuously adjustable low-pass crossover frequency control
(50Hz 150Hz; 24dB/octave)
Phase switch, level control, bass boost and signal-sensing auto power
Dimensions (H x W x D): 445 mm x 381 mm x 435 mm (17-1/2" x 15" x 17-1/8")
Mic Wireless Ashley AXT-200 Original
1 Unit Reciever
2 Unit mic Pegang Digital
1 Unit kabel audio output
1 Unit Koper
1 Unit adaptor buat reciever
Bonus baterai AA
Frequency UHF
Jarak mic bisa pakai sampe 90 M
suara bagus, jernih, empuk
cocok buat karaoke, MC, pidato
Kualitas gak diragukan lagi bro Produk JBL Original
Pasti Mantapp Punya
Cocok buat karaoke rumah,kantor,room karaoke dan laen2
Amplifier Subwoofer dan Speaker, GARANSI RESMI JBL 1 Tahun