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ulanzi 1.55xt anamorphic lens for smartphone movie filmmaking

ulanzi 1.55xt anamorphic lens for smartphone movie filmmaking
harga: Rp 750.000
Lokasi: Indonesia;DKI Jakarta;Jakarta Barat

the 1.55XT Anamorphic Movie Lens from Ulanzi captures video with an extremely wide 2.80:1 aspect ratio, which is far greater than what standard optics can accomplish. Anamorphic lenses accomplish this by horizontally squeezing, or vertically stretching a wider image onto your phone's sensor. As this lens performs a squeeze of 1.58x, the horizontal field of view will increase by 58%, which gives videos an aspect ratio of 2.80:1, as compared to the spherical, or non-anamorphic ratio of 16:9 (1.78:1). When used with strong light sources, anamorphic lenses also create unique lens flares. Your video is further enhanced by a multi-layer HD optical coating and the lens' 52mm thread mount, which allows for external filters to be used. Thanks to an aluminum alloy frame, this lens is sturdy and durable.

-When exposed to strong light sources, this lens can create a dreamy effects and lens flares
-A 2.8:1 aspect ratio extends the horizontal field of view by 58%, allowing mobile phones capture a wider frame
-The double-sided, multi-layer optical HD broadband coating brings greater definition and a more transparent film quality
-The aviation aluminum alloy frame construction is sturdy and durable
-Filters can be mounted for a more professional look using the 52mm filter adapter ring

-Type: Anamorphic
-Mount Size: 52 mm (Filter)
-Coating: Multi-Layered
-Aspect Ratio: 2.8:1 (Video)
-Material of Construction: Aluminum

Packing List:
1x 1.55XT Anamorphic Movie Lens
1x Mobile Phone Clips
1x Lens Cage
1x Filter Adapter Ring Lens
1x Lens Cap
1x Wrench